Hey, everyone well here we are another week, and of course another post. This week like all my peers have stated we had to do an interview on someone, and post it up. When I approached this interview assignment, I had no clue who to do it on. So, one night I decided to call up of my many “carnales”, and well we went from there. My friend Orlando Aguilar, is co-worker as well as a good friend whom I have been through some funny and crazy situations. Also, the guy loves food so it was perfect to ask someone who is a lover of a great meal.

Orlando, being himself..!!!

So here is how the interview went:

1. Who was the best cook in your extended family?

My mom, of course and the reason is that because everything she makes is so delicious. My favorite dish from her is costillitas de puerco en chile verde, they  just make my mouth watery every time I think of the dish!

2. What was your favorite meal growing up?

Growing up I remember that my favorite meal was pozole.

2a) What kind of pozole does your mom make? des puerco, res, or pollo?

Mom cooks her pozole with all three meats!

3. When was the first time you had food outside of your own culture/experienced ethnic food?

The first time I had food outside of my own culture is when I had popusas, lol They were actually pretty good that is why I still continue to eat them once in a while

4. What and where is your favorite restaurant?

Tito’s tacos located near my house is the place where I get my delicious tacos!

5. What and where is your favorite Mexican restaurant?

My favorite Mexican restaurant is El Tepeyac located in the heart of East LA Boyle Heights! I highly recommend it they have the best burritos ever!

6. How do you like your tacos?

I like my tacos fully loaded! They must have chile verde and lots of lime!  Also to add to that I really enjoy tacos de asada because the taste is better than all the other one’s.

7. Top 3 places to get your tacos?

If it’s not at home I usually enjoying driving out to Culver City to get some Tito’s tacos or probably from one of those random taco trucks.

Well, there you have it guys from my good amigo Orlando. In reality he may have a point because is there really any food that can take the place of a good home cooked meal?….


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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