The interviewee chosen to be engaged with in Taco Talk is a man named Ricky Haney. He is from Orange County but currently resides in Monroe, Louisiana .  He graduated from South Western Assemblies of God University in Texas in 2005 with his Bachelor of Arts and is currently the District Executive of Boy Scouts of America in Louisiana. I chose Ricky because of different environments that he has lived and was hoping to get a comparison and contrast type of interview concerning tacos and Mexican food in another state compared to Orange County.

Who was the best cook in your extended family?

My mother in law. (Long period of silence that I left him to elaborate on her)

Ok? Is there a reason why?

Because she throws down in the kitchen. (another long period of silence and I was thinking at this point perhaps I made a mistake about doing this interview over the phone

What type of food does she make?

Mostly cooks things I like. Good home cooking.

Ok moving along, What was your favorite meal growing up?

My mother would make me pancakes…(another long period of silence, I decided to change the tone of voice to ask the questions to get more than a short sentence)

Did she make just regular or special kind of pancakes?

She would make a pancakes that had strawberries and sour cream.


Strawberry and Sour Cream?

Yeah it was really good, it sounds a little obscure but it’s great. Sometimes she would make chocolate chip pancakes.

Ok I’ll have to give those a try (shaking my head on the phone). When was the first time you had food outside of your culture?

Probably Mexican, it was when I was 7 years old. I enjoyed it but I was a little thrown off about it at first because I had Chile Relleno which was spicy as hell and I haven’t had one since. But I should have one again.

What is your favorite restaurant?

I’d have to know which one was my favorite first……uhhhhhhhhhh…..Can I just pick one? Mcnalleys’ in Kern River.

Where is it located? What is your favorite dish there?

It’s in California. My favorite dish is there Steak.

They serve steak?

Yeah it’s a steakhouse.

They just serve steak on a plate and that’s it?

Well they serve steak with a baked potato and
veggies. I think I order a coke to have with it.

Why do you think Mexican food is so popular?

Because there are a lot of Mex…Well in California there are a lot Mexicans. Here in Louisiana there are as many Mexican food restaurants as gas stations.

Are they any good?

It’s OK, there was no comparison to ones in California more authentic there.

What is your favorite Mexican restaurant?

Tlaquepaque Resturant in Placentia, California.

OK, let me wrap up with these last questions. How do you like your tacos?

I like them soft, with meat, cheese, sour cream and NO LETTUCE. Shit just gets in the was, a lot of cheese and a little guacamole on there and it makes them awesome.

What about to get tacos? Where do you go?

I really don’t go to get them, I usually make them. That’s not what I order when I’m at a Mexican restaurant, well there’s Taco Bandito here in Monroe. I go there on occasion but it’s not like fast food tacos like Taco Bell.

Ok well thank you for your time Ricky.

No problem Eric.


Written by Eric Pomers



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