The two people that I interview are maestras. These teachers work in a high school in the city of Santa Ana.

Carah, AKA “Ms. Reed” was born in Orange County and at the age of 21 moved to Santa Ana and has lived there for 15 years. Ms. Reed teaches Government and Economics and LOVES the city of SANTA ANA.

Sue, AKA “Ms. Grasse” was born in East Los Angeles and moved to Orange County at the age of 11 with her familia. First and foremost, Ms. Grasse is well known by her colleagues for being one of the best bakers of the school town and soon to be probably teacher of the year, she bakes almost every night and shares her delicious breads with her students and colleagues. For this reason I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn how this wonderful, caring and fantastic teacher learned how to bake. Side Note, she is currently in a Ph.D. doctoral Disability Studies.

The interview was conducted in her classroom after school (4:30pm) right after Ms. Reed’s interview.

Ms. Grasse states with a smiled and a look that would take any person to a specific time in the past that her tía Margie was the best cook in her extended familia. Furthermore, she was asked why tía Margie the best cook and her answered was, “…it was her homemade apple pies and her pot pies.” I wondered to myself what could have made these apple pies and pot pies so delicious. To my surprised she answered why and started talking more about her tía Margie who is a person that not only cared a lot for her as a child but also the person responsible for teaching her how to bake apple pies.

After talking for a few minutes about tía Margie I asked her what is her favorite food. Ms Grasse answered that her favorite food is Beat-stew pie especially when it is homemade with biscuits that contain butter and honey. I then asked where she would it this and she answered that it was made by her mother and tía Margie.

The next question that I asked had to do with her memory of the first time she ate food outside her culture. She stated, “at the age of 8 or 9 in East LA we had Chinese food.” The thing she remembered was the rice, the veggies and the fact that it all tasted good. Although she doesn’t really have Chinese food often she still remembers those times.

Its late, the clock strikes 5 p.m., I feel bad because we are only have way through this interview, but she does not seem to mind. For this reason I continue, so I asked… What is your favorite restaurant? She looks at me with a puzzled look and tells me “I’m a teacher, I don’t know, but I do like Olive Garden. She states that their Egg Plant Parmesan is the best and goes their twice a year due to her schedule.  

The following two questions were the interesting for me because she works in Santa Ana. So I asked her why do you think Mexican food is so popular. She answered “because it’s good!!!” She goes on and explains that Mexican food is popular in Orange County because of its proximity to Mexico and the roots it has had for centuries. She also adds that Mexican food is a spectrum of food combinations. People that eat fish can have Mexican food; people that are vegetarian can have it as well and it is not only rice and beans that consist of it.    So how does this teacher like her Mexican tacos. She likes her tacos in soft corn or flower tortillas with either carnitas or fish with cilantro, guacamole and pico de gallo. Her favorite place to get these tacos is in a restaurant called Aztecas in Huntington Beach. She also likes to have her tacos with agua de orchata or jamaica.


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