Why Yelp, when you can OCBarrios?!! Just went to Los Reyes with my brother Joey to grub on some Mexican food and the spot served some delicious grub. I got me half a wet buritto (they serve them whole, but me and my bro split it)  and an asada sope.

While you wait for your food, they bring fresh chips and salsa to your table. There irresistible, so watch out, you don’t want to get your self full before your plate comes.

It was my first time getting a wet buritto from Los Reyes, hence why I split it, but I sure wished the other half was still stand when I was done with my half, but my bro scarfed it down his pencil throat. The burrito is simple, not to big, but its the home-made taste that makes it delicious. The sope was just as tasty as the burrito. The green sauce they put in it give it a nice kick, sadly not to hard of a kick, but still, its delicious.

If I had more room in my stomach I’d try some more food, but unfortunately my stomach called it quits, but I heard others around me talk about the carnitas tacos, so it seems to me that everything Los Reyes cooks up and serves is a nice tasting experience.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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