Hello I’m Marco Ruiz, as I made my way back home after a long nigh of partying and playing billiards on Friday night I noticed a small taco restaurant that caught my attention. Unfortunately it was closed since it was around 3:00am. I decided to go back on Saturday in order to try it, and as part of my assignment for class class. I honestly don’t think I would have ever seen this place or even ate there if it wasn’t for the assignment we had to do, and I’m glad I decided to eat there because it has the best tacos I have ever ate. The place is called “Tacos Al Vapor La Chiva Loca” it’s located in Downey on the corner of Firestone and Paramount.  The place does not look as small as it actually is. When you walk in there are only 5 small tables and you can’t sit in all of them because the chairs will be in the way of the person trying to sit behind you.  All they sell there are tacos all vopor and a stew called carnes ensus jugos. I ordered four tacos and a carne en sus jugos. You have to try these tacos the meat and tortiallas are cooked in steam, making the tortillas soft and the meat tender. The carnes in susu jugos is similar to a “consume”, but it has pieces of asada, lengua, cabeza, and some other meats I could not distinguish with cilantro and onion. I have never had anything similar to it, but it was really good and i would order it again when i go back.Image

It was quickly apparent that this place was a popular place since there was a line going out the door and people ordering their food to go because their wasn’t any place to sit and eat. This place reminded me of a traditional taqueria similar to some I have eaten in Mexico.  I was surprised that there were only two people operating the restaurant, a women taking the orders and a guy cooking and preparing the tacos. At times they seemed overwhelmed with the amount of people that kept ordering. Over all these became my favorite tacos and cant wait to go back and eat there. 



About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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