A Bolivian Salteñas

By: Roxana Quijarro

Being from South America it has been difficult to adjust to different types of foods in this country. Finding “authentic” Bolivian food is almost impossible. However, that’s when La Rancherita Bakery comes to rescue!!! The owners of this bakery are Braulio and Nancy Troncoso my uncle and aunt. I know, I know it can’t be a real food review if it’s my family I’m talking about. That’s why I took my partner in crime Araceli to be the judge of what ill present to you as Salteñas. A saltena is a Bolivian baked Empanada which it is traditionally eaten in the mornings.

La Rancherita Bakery

In this particular day Araceli and I headed to Santa Ana, California to try some delicious Bolivian Saltenas. As we drove into the small parking lot Araceli noticed that the name of the place sounded more as a Mexican bakery. I told her that according to my aunt Laura the original owner of the bakery, La Rancherita was chosen as a universal name for their different business they had.  Since one of their first businesses was a tortilla factory they decided to us a well-known word that would identify, and welcome Mexican residents to their business.

As we walked in, I noticed that their business was very busy because they not only serve saltenas but they also sale cakes fordifferent occasions, Bolivian bread, and Mexican sweet bread. We order 4 saltenas each of them $2.50. The saltena that we had tried was filled with beef and chicken it also contained peas, pieces of potato, grilled onions, a piece of hard-cooked egg, raisins, and it was slightly spicy all wrapped in a sweet type of flour. Moreover, certain restaurants have pork and a vegetarian version for people that chose not to eat meat. Araceli liked the contrast between the sweetness and the spiciness taste.

perfect combo Inka Kola + Saltenas + Cake= Happy tummy By: Annie Q.

We had a lot of fun!!! If you want to try something different in your diet try a Bolivian saltena you wont regret it. This awesome place is located at 2709 Westminster Ave. Suite B Santa Ana, CA 92706. You can also contact them at (714)554-7265

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