As I got off work extremely tired from partying the night before, I noticed that my belly was rumbling like a frog. I quickly remembered that I had my Chicano Studies assignment due on Monday. Lucky for me, my favorite Mexican restaurant was only two blocks away. I quickly got into my car and drove down Tustin City looking forward to some Taco Factory. I hadn’t been to this place in a while because my boyfriend gets sick every single time we eat Mexican. The place looked the same as I remembered it last. The restaurant was full as always because the place is literally 25 by 20 ft. The floor had shoe prints all over it from all the traffic and it was full of color. To the left you could see their fountain drinks that  consisted of horchata and a whipped pineapple drink. I ordered a cheese enchilada with a vegetarian taco. Their day special consisted of the same combination with a drink. I ordered just the food without a drink because it was cheaper and I don’t like their soda fountain. The drinks never come out cold enough and I don’t like too much ice on my drink. The girl ended up messing up and charging me for a drink. She seemed baffled by the fact that I didn’t want a drink but I explained to her that the drinks tasted weird. She obviously wasn’t  good at math because it looked like she was about to take out a calculator, but I said, “don’t worry about  it.” After I ordered I went to their salsa bar  that took up the whole right wall. That’s not saying much because the place is really small.They have all the salsas you  would want. They also have many other condiments like cilantro, onion, pico de gallo, and pickled carrots. I grabbed some carrots to snack on while I waited for my order. I decided that the place was too crowded to eat and drove home excited about my meal. The portions were much smaller than I last remembered and not as delicious. That’s to be expected when prices everywhere are sky rocketing. Even so the bill was only six dollars and you can’t beat that. The meal came complete with rice and beans, tortilla chips, and guacamole. As I took my first bite of my enchilada I thought, “This place is good.” You don’t get a lot of vegetarian options in a Mexican restaurant but the fact that they put vegetarian taco in their  menus makes me feel good about this place. The enchilada was warm and had plenty of sauce on it. The more the sauce, the better the food. The taco was full of rice, beans, cheese, guacamole, and lettuce. The dish was very colorful and it looked healthy because of all the colors. I ate the entire dish and it was very satisfying. There’s nothing like Mexican food when you’re hung-over. Taco Factory is the place to go to get the most bang out of your buck!




About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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