Hello all, I ended up reviewing a delicious freshly made Mexican Tradition “Torta” from a local restaurant called “La Torta del Medio Dia” in the City of Corona. First that brought to my attention is that I was very hungry and was just remembering the “Tortas” from Mexico in Zamora Michoacán. So as I was driving, I noticed a Restaurant with a business sign advertising La Torta del Medio Dia and the sign also displayed a Mexican Character holding a “Torta” which got my attention to try their Torta.

As I parked my vehicle, I walked to the restaurant. As soon as I walked in, I got greeted by the employee. Just by getting greeted well, I felt that connection that I know for in fact I will be eating a delicious Torta because that’s the restaurant expertise in making Tortas with their fresh ingredients including the Torta Bread. I placed the order. I ordered fresh Horchata with rice water and cinnamon and a Milanesa (meat) Torta made with fresh bread, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, jalapeno, and sour crème.

As soon as I received my Torta and my Horchata, I could smell the Milanesa. Now, the moment came, I took a bite from the Torta and the jalapeno. The taste from the Torta took me back three years ago to a famous place in Zamora Michoacán, “the Tortas de Zamora.”  The Horchata drink had very good original rice and cinnamon taste. Also, I noticed that the restaurant La Torta del Medio Dia makes their tortillas fresh from scratch. Next time, I will for sure try their Mexican Tacos especially because they serve their meats in their fresh made corn tortillas.

The restaurant address is called La Torta del Medio Dia located at 219 E. 3rd Street Corona CA, 92879 and their phone is (951) 734-5200 and hours are Sunday – Thursday 10am – 10pm and Friday/Saturday 10am-12am.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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