So I went to this Mexican restaurant named Los Sanchez in Garden Grove  because a friend had referred it to me. I didn’t want to write a review on a place that a frequent because it would most likely be bias. So to keep integrity of my opinion based on this food review I wanted to experience a new place. Well as I arrived to the location I had realized that I had been here before in the past. But I don’t recall whether I liked or enjoyed the food. I decided to go in and give it another shot, this time being very aware of my surroundings as well as the flavor of the food.

When I first walked into the restaurant there was a line at that cashier with about five people in line waiting to give their orders. The cashier was on the phone taking an order and there wasn’t another cashier. I felt bad for this lady because there were about 8 people behind her working in the kitchen and I asked myself why someone isn’t helping her. As soon as I thought that one of the servers that was behind the counter took the initiative and started jotting down orders for people and with the quickness I was next. I placed my order after contemplating from their huge menu that was above the cashier/kitchen area. I had chosen to get the Chile Verde and ordered a Modelo Negro cerveza. I then went and picked a table to sit at.

Before I could finish pouring my Cerveza into the frosty ice cold mug that they gave me, my order was called and the same server signaled to me letting me know I can come pick it up. I was pretty impressed with the quickness that it took for me to get my meal. Something popped into my head; it must have been already pre-made because that was ridiculously fast. So when I first saw the plate it looked just like it did in the picture on the menu. I wasn’t sure if they chile verde was the made a little darker green for the upcoming holiday St. Patrick’s day or not because I have had chile verde before and I don’t ever recall it being that dark of a green. Well I gave it a try by scoping up some rice and beans and some of the pork and putting it in the flower tortilla that comes with it. I was pretty impressed with the taste of the tortilla, I have had homemade tortillas before in the past and these ones mostly resembled them and actually threw me off as to whether they were homemade or not. I decided to ask one of the bussers that were cleaning a table near me and she looked at me as if I was a true white boy and said “um no they aren’t”. I said “ok well I didn’t think they were but they were really good for a tortilla that comes from a package”.  So I continued with my food and took another bite, the second bite I focused more on the taste of the contents inside and noticed that the Verde had a particle slight after taste. I couldn’t determine what it was but it was something that resembled the smell of chemical cleaning solvent but only in my mouth. I wasn’t very pleasant but it was really faint and hardly noticeable. So I continued eating and noticed that the texture of the pork was actually really good not dry or anything but juicy and good.  I had a drink of the cerveza and it seemed of made the food a whole lot better, I wasn’t sure if it was the beer that I now enjoying or the food. Anyways, I continued to eat the meal and aside from the unusual aftertaste that was cured with the Modelo. I can say that I was content with my meal that was $12.39.

One of the things that I did notice about my experience is that the restaurant had a nice set up. There was an outside patio and two manikins that were in the store. I thought they were kind of cool to look at but as I noticed the one sitting on a wall ledge was moving his head I was kind creepy. All in all, if I had to rate this place on a 1 to 3 scale, I would graciously give it a 2 because the food wasn’t exactly great for the price that I paid and aside from the visual stimulation that I received while being there it kind of sucked that I had to order my own food at the counter and had to go and pick it up.

Eric Pomers


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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