“Me estas oyendo, unitil?” The music box is whaling this sound out the door and miss Paquita La Del Barrio is cleansing her heart out. The smell of the sea slamming my nose like waves. I see murals and murals of beaches and swordfish. As I scan the room I see a 10 foot baby blue swordfish. The mural was a beach with a lighthouse  that was guiding a lonely ship in the sea. Almost poetically, the ship that was painted on the wall was sitting right next to a trophy of different beers from all of mexico. Almost like the ships long-lost treasure. Its steamy. I felt the sizzling of shrimp and the steam of the lobster . I look up to the sky and see the plastic leaf fans overhead trying to subdue the heat on my head. I look down and see the tile that looks like my abuelitas kitchen. I see black high heels staring back at me.

“Como estas? Algo te tomar? “I hear from up above. I decided on skipping the water and pepsi and ordered the michelda. I wanted to drink something I would be drinking if I was on a beach in Mexico and the michelada hits the spot. I was amazed to see my server’s promptness with the chips and salsa. The chips were just like any other chips, but the sauce caught my eye. It was more of a chunky sauce and had a kick to it. The fresh cilantro really complimented the cooked onion inside. It hit me hard. To my surprise, Miss Heels was coming over to my table and then I saw it across the entire room. Was it a mirage? Was I hallucinating? I thought my eyes were fooling me, there she was. My michelada. The mug was so cold it was dripping sweat. I was saved.

Los Corales is a restaurant located on Harbor and Edinger and has been serving Fountain Valley for years. It serves cuisine from the Nayarit area in Mexico, specifically from San Blas, Nayarit. I originally thought I was going to eat at a place and eat the “normal” mariscos, but I must admit I was proved wrong. The salmon was grilled to perfection. It was soft and moist and melted in my mouth and the sides of the fish was crispy. I tasted the fried butter on each corner at each bite. The salmon was peppered and it had a hint of rosemary, but the butter,oh my, it was all about the butter!  The vegetables and the salad were just like any other side dish, but I think the salmon alone sold that plate.

I knew from the beginning of my voyage from the salsa that I wanted to try something even more spicy. So I dared to order camarones a la diabla. And that is, what it was. The Devil. But not the devil with horns and a long tail, but more like the Devil wears Prada. It was a bitch, but might I say, it looked good and it was delicious. The sauce again was thick with chunks of cut jalapeno and sautéed onions. The shrimp was plump and juicy. It was so spicy, but so good that I couldn’t stop reaching over and picking shrimp out. I had sweat on my forehead. There was only one answer. I ordered another michelada. I was in Fiddler’s Green.




About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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