After a night of partying and drinking, what better then to grab a late night bite with the boys to sober up. Saturday night was my friend Marks birthday and went to 2nd ave in Rancho Cucamonga. Afterwards everyone was hungry and we decided to go to a restaurant called Viva Villas in Fontana California. This particular restaurant is open 24 hours Fridays and Saturdays because people like us. Upon arrival the line was not too bad, but within minutes the line appear to be wrapped around the building, I guess the piasa club had just finished.

As I reached the window to order, a young Hispanic women greeted me nicely and asked what I was in the mood for; Very polite lady!

Here I ordered a carne asada burrito with everything in it, four shrimp tacos, and a nice cold horchata to flush the meal down.

Waiting for my food was quite a tease since I could smell every cluster of joy being prepared in the kitchen. When I finally sat down to eat the burrito and shrimp tacos, my mouth began to water as I stared it before devouring it. I held the burrito in one hand and the hot sauce in the other, now it was time to munch. The first bite of the burrito was amazing. I could taste the fresh beans and tender carne asada as well as the sour cream and rice. What gave it its significant taste were the grilled onions surrounded with bell peppers.

There was also music playing in the background that made me feel as if I was in their native homelands. It was a feel of comfort which made the experience so much better.

The shrimp tacos on the other hand, were the heart and soul of this particular place. The tacos were served on a flour tortilla with four large shrimp. The shrimps were dipped in secret chipotle sauce and then topped with onions, lettuce, and shredded cheese. Every time I took a bite of these tacos took me into a fantasy of food.

After all the food was gone, I was really looking forward to my horchata. The first sip I took was completely opposite of what I expected, coming from a restaurant with excellent food. It was watered down and the little ice that it had was melted. I refused to let this slide and decided to get a new drink. This time around, the horchata tasted ten times better.

A night of excitement ended up with a satisfaction of taste in my mouth.

Viva Villas

9461 Sierra avenue

Fontana ca 92335


Mexican restaurant -American



About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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