Hey, everyone here we are again! This week our assignment was to try out a restaurant then review it. Like the title states not only does the name of the place have the word “wurst”, but how exactly do we pronounce the name Wurstküche?

"Front Entrance"


Even-though, a mystery Wurstküche in translation mean sausage-kitchen. In all honesty that is what it is, and from the vibe, food, and drinks they are doing a great job. This place offers an array of sausages ranging from your traditional bratwurst and apple-chicken to the exotic, such as duck-bacon as well as an alligator one. This place although ruled by the hipsters of the old art district in Los Angeles, packs a punch with not only the sausages on a bun and Belgian fries, but they have a decent selection of international beers. Offering communal type seating in their dinning area as well, and playing a decent soundtrack in the background.

"Perfect Meal"


"Dinning Area"


Being that I fed into this sausage craze I am not going to sit here and lie by saying it was my first time visiting. Wurstküche has never steered me wrong, and continues to offer the same quality product. Whether, it be there fresh sausage or wonderful fries, the quality is constant!


Some suggestions when visiting is to go with an open mind, and realize this isn’t some old fashion frank you can get anywhere else Instead here you will encounter a list of various sausages, about five to six toppings including grilled onions and spicy pepper, and a huge selection of beverages including non-alcoholic ones. Also a big thing is that there are employees at the entrance actually wanting to help you out, and I guess pop you cherry when it comes to this fun place.

"The Sausages"


Wurstküche’s information is posted down below, and only other advice I can give is to avoid the lunch crowd as well as the late night crowd!






800 East 3rd Street  Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 687-4444
Hours: Mon-Sun 11 am – 12 am



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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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