Ever since I can remember music has always been part of my life. One memory that I could remember as a kid was waking up to Vicente Fernandez music; however, when that music was played early in the morning that meant “a Limpiar!” which means “Cleaning Time!” As I got older I was exposed to different types of music whether it was Oldies, Rap, Blues, Corridos, Nortenos, Cumbias, Salsa, or Merengue. The one that got my attention the most was Rock en Espanol. As for me, listening to Rock en Espanol was a way of relaxation and expressing how I felt without being ashamed. I chose to do my blog on the song “Barco Azul” by: LiRAN ROLL for three reasons: 1) because ever since I heard this song for the first time I felt in love with the music although never really understood the lyrics. 2) because their really not that known unless you’re a hardcore Rock en Espanol fan. 3) because I love Rock en Espanol 🙂

Antonio Lira is the lead singer and founder of LiRAN ‘ROLL. The beginning of his musical career was in the early 1990’s in the colony of D. Gabriel Hernandez F. The name of his first group was known as the “BLUES BOYS” which, he first recorded the album called “La Ciudad.” However, this project did not last very long because Antonio decided to create its maximum LIRA project to date with Rock N ‘ROLL with whom he debuted in 1991 with his album “Quiero Cambiar.”

Antonio Lira -Voz y Guitarra, Saul Moreno -Guitarra, Daniel Ulises -Guitarra, Alberto Almedia -Bajo, Jose Luis Rosas -Bateria

Since then Antonio Lira has had presentations all over Mexico and the United States obtaining countless gold and platinum discs. Till this date LiRAN ROLL has composed more than 200 songs with hits such as “Maria” and “BARCO AZUL.” In consideration to their Rock in Roll style many music artist’ such as the Rolling Stones, Mody Blues, Elvis Presley, El Tri, and Cecilia Toussaint have been influenced my their music.

Barco AzuL by: LiRAN ROLL

Mi voz desafinada suena ya

Y mi guitarra la acompaña

En este Viejo Barco Azul

Donde cantare un Blue’s

Venimos ha esta vida un momento

Ha ser parte de una historia

Que Dios escribio en el cielo

Y en donde al fin no lo sabremos

En Este Viejo barco Azul

Me voy pues la muerte vino a verme

Y yo tambien la afrontare

Si yo se que he pecado

Y al infierno quizas me hire

En Este Viejo Barco Azul

Donde cantare mi Blue’s

Mis notas ya suenan tan inquietas

Como queriendo ya gritar

Y mi corazon no late

En Este Viejo Barco Azul

Donde el viento huele a tumba

Tambien ha hueso sin sabor

Solamente digo adios

Si… Una lagrima veo en tus ojos

Espero que sea por amor

Y no por lástima o falcedad

Por compromiso e hipocrecia

Pues yo te dejo mi cancion

Solamente digo adios

En Este Viejo Barco Azul

Solamente Digo Adios

Solamente Digo Adios

Solamente Digo Adios

After analyzing the lyrics of “Barco AzuL” one can understand that it’s about a man who views life as a story that has already been told and its coming to an end. In the lyrics Lira mentions that his voice sounds out of tune and the only thing that accompanies him is his guitar. It seems that Lira uses the phrase “Barco AzuL” as a metaphor meaning that life is like a journey going through an ocean. As we may know an ocean has currents, waves, and storms. Therefore, in life some times everything can be stable, sometimes things can go up and down, and life can be filled with tribulations. Moreover, this man knows that life is coming to an end so he gives his fair wells saying goodbye, goodbye, goodbye and if you cry do it out of love and not out of pity, hyprocrisy or compromise. After reviewing and reading between the lines I have to admit that this song is really uplifting and sad depending on the situation one is going through. Personally I like this song a lot and now that I was able to learn  and understand it, I like it even more!

Ultimately, LiRAN ‘ROLL has marked a generation and is definitely one of the preferred groups of youth and of greater importance in Mexico…


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  1. Gbela says:

    Wow !!! Great article. !! I came across this “band” and was curious as who they are.? I grew up only knowing El Tri as the bigger Spanish rock band known to Mexico. I love to expiernce the fact that yes there was more bands known!!! I agree great song and great meaning!! In my research I came across your article and agree with all of it even the cleaning songs.!! Good times..

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