Have you ever heard a song on the radio that you instantly fell in love with? A song that then turned into your guilty pleasure? This is what happened to me a few years ago on a cold and rainy night driving home. The song instantly spoke to me and I turned it up. As the months wore on I heard more about the band and its material while never publically acknowledging that I liked the band. Then years later I found myself driving home after a fight with the guy I was dating at the time and I heard the song that would make me completely fall in love with the band. I could not believe they had written a song that expressed how I felt.

Siento que
Desde aquel momento que te vi
Que nunca serías para mí

Que tal vez conocerte fue mi error
O quizás el amor se equivocó

I feel that
since the moment when I saw you
I knew that you never would be for me

That maybe meet you it was my mistake
or maybe love was wrong

“Cada Que” written and performed by Denisse Gallardo (lead vocals), Edgar Huerta (keyboards, programming), Ricardo “Richie” Arreola (bass, guitar) makes up Belanova. Hailing from the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico this band has been released five studio albums, two live albums, and has been nominated and awarded many awards including the 2008 Latin Grammy for Best Pop Album by a Group or Duo for their Album, Fantasia Pop. Belanova is not only a “Pop” band; they fit more specifically into the “Electropop” category. They use a synthesizer in many of their songs, yet Gallardo’s vocals still shine through. It is undeniable this woman has a voice. Even though none of the band members are teenagers they are able to capture the innocence of your first love, your first breakup, and even some of the issues that women face dating in a male dominated society showcased in their song “Rosa Pastel”

Si yo queria ser esa mujer
la madre de tus hijos
y juntos caminar hacia el altar
directo hacia la muerte
y al final ni hablar
los dos nos destruimos
apptu y yo ya no existimos

if I wanted to be that woman
the mother of your children
and together walk towards the altar
until death do us apart
and at the end not even speak
we destroyed each other
and in the end, so it was that
you and I no longer existed

I am not sure if there are any male Belanova fans who would admit that they are fans, or if these types of songs appeal to the male population at all, but the reason they appeal to me is because they are sweet and simple. Like I mentioned before, they capture an innocence that I feel is lost today in part because of our media saturated lives. Sometimes we forget to slow down, look up and the sky, just ponder our most inner thoughts. Whether I am having a great day or an awful day I know that I can listen to Belanova alone in my car and be taken to a happy place, and that to me is the essence of what music is supposed to do.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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