Cumbia! …….Cumbia! Comes to my mind when I think of dancing. But when does it ever mesh with the rolling and rocking of rockabilly? It does now. The Moonlight Cruisers were an LA-based rockabilly band that combined traditional Mexican sound, with a spice of cumbia and the rhythm and blues of the rockabilly sound. They have songs that ultimately make people want to dance and shake. With songs like “Baila”and “Chicharonnes” it’s no wonder they hit the Latino community to the core.  They play covers that range across the spectrum from  “Sabor Ami” , probably the most popular and covered songs in the Latino music library to New edition’s “Cool It Now”. The Moonlight Cruisers have played  across southern California in many well-known bars in the Rockabilly/Psychobilly scene. In good ol’ Anacrime The Doll Hut and personally one of my favorites, The Juke Joint and of course the Anarchy Library . The Moonlight Cruisers have jammed at Hootenanny with mainstream bands like the Stray Cats and even local bands all throughout So Cal.

The Moonlight Cruisers are credited for the foundation of Cumbiabilly. It has the rock n roll sounds fused with cumbia music. This is the magic that brings people to dance. In 2009, the Cruisers ended their long tenure as The Moonlight Cruisers and changed their name to the Moonlight Trio. They stayed true to their fans and still played cumbiabilly tunes and still jammed old songs from past albums, but added new music from The Moonlight Trio. Their fans stayed loyal and The Trio are still playing throughtout SoCal.




The Moonlight Trio (official)


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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