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In  the city of Santa Ana I came across this Mexican restaurant called el Rincon Chilango. It’s on 17th street and I would always pass by it so I decided to give it a try. As I went inside it seems like a regular place nothing to unique about it, the tables where simple there was Noticias Univision en la tele. As I sat down the nice little waitress handed me the menu. I quickly ordered some Horchata because that’s what I do at every Mexican restaurant I go try; I see how their horchata taste like. As I glanced through the menu colorful menu, I like that it had pictures of popular food items and had a variety of foods to choose from like breakfast, tortas, mariscos, aguas frescas, and even a vegetarian section. The waitress put a plate of chips and salsa on the table for me. One thing that really impresses me is when Mexican restaurants have fresh warm chips on the table and extra points if it comes with a warm side of beans, this was not the case the chips were cold and stale, the salsa was okay kind of had a chipotle kick to it. SO I thought no big deal the food is where it really matters. When the waitress arrived to take my order I had seen a poster showing tacos de Seso I asked her what they were with a smile she said there brain tacos from the cow.  I was feeling good and in a mood to try new things so I’m like okay ill have one of those, I also ordered this things called a tlacoyo, she told me it was a quesadilla made from Huitlacoche, I was like what’s that she said mold from the corn didn’t really look appealing but I ordered it  anyways. I also ordered a shrimp taco to complete my order. I took a sip of my horchata beverage and it was pretty tasty it was sweet but that’s how I like it, it made up for the stale chips. When my order arrived I decided to try the shrimp taco first, it came with a few lemon slices when I grabbed one to squeeze on to the taco they were extremely dry  almost no juice, I was disappointed so just put a bit of the salsa on the shrimp. The shrimp taco tasted very good and crunchy, the tortilla could have been better but the taco was still great. Next I tried the taco de Seso it was a fried taco when I went to take a bite it was very crunchy and the meat inside was very soft, it had a good taste I like the cow brains!.  Next the tlcayoy arrived at my table, it was a big masa quesadilla soaked in green salsa and Mexican cheese on top, and it looked very appealing. As I took a bite the inside tasted kind of strange it has a vegetable texture like squash but it tasted okay it had a little bland taste to kind of like eating spinach. I decided to try some desert out so I ordered some flan napolitan it was good creamy and thick it was a tasty flan but still ordinary. This place to me was still a hole in the wall and from a Julio food rating I give it 5 out of 10.

El Rincon Chilango is located on  1133 W 17th St, Santa Ana, CA

(714) 836-5096


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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  1. Guillermina Chavez says:

    NASTY!!!! Horrible food .they charge you for chips and salsa and we never got them . Takes forever to get good was soooo bad that we left because we started to feel sick and needed to get about of there . No reminded at all ..

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