South Park Mexican (a.k.a. SPM) is polarizing figure, at least to those few who still know who he is.  South Park Mexican, or Carlos Coy as was given to him at birth, has both supporters and haters.  He’s a rapper from Houston who once had a promising future, but is now plagued by where he will have to register once he’s out of prison.

On May 18, 2002 Carlos Coy or SPM was convicted by a jury to aggravated sexual assault of a 9year-old-child.  He was sentenced 45 years to prison, which he is currently serving, and is available for parole in 2024.

Monster.  That is the word that pops into the mind of many people when they find out what South Park Mexican had done, and that includes me.  You can read this article written by John Nova Lomax in the Houston Press on June 6, 2002.  It’s a great piece that details his life and his horrendous crime.

I’ve been listening to South Park Mexican for years now, and only recently did I found out about this disgusting crime.  Up until the conviction for the molestation of a 9 year-old, SPM’s life was a true story of rags to riches; Up until that unfortunate night, SPM was the story of someone making it out of the ghetto and the dope game; Up until that night, SPM was the future of Mexican Rap.

Had I heard about his crime prior, I would probably never have listened to South Park Mexican.  But that’s the thing, I didn’t hear about his crime before I first listened to “In My Hood (see video below).”  The truth is that SPM is a sexual predator.  The truth also is that SPM is a good rapper.

South Park Mexican is a gangsta rapper.  He raps about growing up in a gang infested neighborhood, and being involved in the dope game.  For those of you who might not know, to be in the dope game means to sale cocaine.  His raps are backed by smooth beats and a catchy hook and chorus.  If you’ve listened to Mexican Rappers before, you’ll know what I mean when I say he has that Mexican style of rap.  The best way I can describe that style is rapping with a very sharp tongue, almost staccato like, and with a strong emphasis on the last words of the line.  His lines are clever and he delivers them with emotion which makes you believe what he is saying.

Prior to his crime conviction, SPM was someone who was trying to give back to the community.  He had jobs for the poor who were unemployed and whenever he was a special guest speaker, he would tell youth the importance of staying in school and staying out of the gang life.  One could have said he was a role model, WAS.  Here you can read his personal testament as to why he decided to change his life and focus on rapping.

If you can ever get past what he’s done, and trust me, I know it’s hard to, give him a listen.  If you like rap, or maybe you just want to listen to something new, you won’t be disappointed, unless you really hate profane music, then I wouldn’t advise it.  His songs are songs that you can just listen to while chilling with your friends, and even by yourself.  He has some pretty good songs, like this gem.

What could have been a story of great triumph, has turned into a life of guilt.  SPM’s legacy is forever tarnished, but his skills are unquestionable.  He is good, he was the future.


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  1. Jay says:

    Interesting post. Did you do any research into his case, other than reading ‘South Park Monster’?

  2. Spm changed my life iv been listening to him for a couple of years now and i know that somone with a life like him and with a daughtor could not do thatwel i just hope that that nigga didnt do it cause it would disipoint me free spm!

  3. Felipe says:

    If you went further in the case you would have found out that they had much evidce that proofed he was innocence. And that 9 yr old girl even said that “It coulda been a dream”

  4. javier says:


  5. emily says:

    it was not a 9 yr old she was 14 and said she was 18

  6. Jennifer says:

    I don’t have nothing against him and I love the way he raps but one thing I won’t defend the case of being a sexual predator. That’s just wrong unless the girl was 18 or over then she should know what the fuck is going on.

  7. Constantino says:

    If you would look into it more, youd see. He is innocent.. he got framed.. those niggas sentenced him alot longer time than most people that really do the crime.. he has applied several appeals but all were denied bc those niggas scared what he spits is going to take over the us and he will have the power bc everyone listens to him bc he speaks the truth.. do more research an you will see.. FREE MY NIGGA SPM!!!

  8. Ashley says:

    Just because he committed that crime ( Which he didn’t) there’s no need to stop listening to his music.!!! and all you be saying here ain’t true so you should look into his background More before writing what ain’t true.!!!

  9. Alex says:

    Its funny how all these people hate him or feel distugusted by him but what I don’t get is why the fuck he got 45 years many other dumb fucks do crimes that are way worse like murder yet some of them don’t even get years like that he was frame bc he was becoming an influence to Mexicans not bc of some dumb shit like sex offender he was frame for doing something others couldn’t do and probably never will I’m just saying all you guys that hate him can go fuck yourselfs bc that research about what he did is bullshit!!!!!!! FREE MY NIGGA SPM

    • Tino says:

      What you said homie, America’s not ready for a hispanic to be at the top, spreading what’s really wring with society. He speaks the truth, and it’s really fucked up they going to do sum shit like this..

  10. Luis says:

    Spm was set up he didn’t do what he is in jail for

  11. Jackie says:

    Spm did not do that crime there is very little evidence so stfu

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