At the beginning of this amazing single by Carlos Santana featuring Michelle Branch, the electric melody is the first thing to catch your attention. As it strikes every Latin feel with the style of his playing and the different instruments incorporated within the song, it captures the true identity of what his musical background is. In the video describing the song, it is apparent that they were trying to portray a meaning of a Latino background by having many identities. The Virgin Marry and the taco spots along with other descriptive pieces give a significant meaning as the video takes place in a diverse city. Within the song, Carlos Santana plays his guitar with great passion while having that electric Latino feel. Along with his amazing playing throughout the song, his solo is what completely intrigues the listener. It is also a combination of the other instruments such as the tambourine, orchestra instruments, and unique drums that ultimately completes the meaning of his intentional Latino feel.

I know chills ran down my body when I first heard his solo years ago, and ever since then I have always kept this song in my top playlist. Even though he comes from Mexican roots, this song reminds me of a time when I went to my home country and had an experience that made me reflect back to this song. A love sensation!

Carlos Santana has been around since his early 20’s when he performed with Jimmy Hendricks.  Although he had a rough career path that involved his personal life, he was able to overcome difficult obstacles that strengthened his music abilities.  Combining jazz, electric, and salsa into his music such as in “The Game of Love” and other major hits like “ Black magic women”, he evolved to become one of the most recognized guitarist. As a matter of fact, in 2003 Rolling Stone magazine ranked Carlos Santana 15 out of hundred for greatest guitarist.


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