I had really hoped that when doing this music review I would have been able to attend an actual concert. Sadly I could not, so instead I decided to do my review on a band I don’t really listen to, yet I am in love with one of their songs. The group is Café Tacuba and I was first introduced to their music by my best friend in high school, who was very much into Rock en Espanol.

The group Café Tacuba got together in 1989, but didn’t really become popular until the 90’s. There are four member, which are Ruben, Emmanuel, Jose Alfredo and Enrique. They started in a town just north of Mexico City, and since their rise to fame they have released 6 albums, 3 of which that have won Grammy awards.

The song I am reviewing is called Eres, which translates into “You are”. And yes, all of you are probably thinking “Oh God, not a sappy love song”, but give it a listen, or watch the video and you will understand why I like it. First of all, the melody is so catchy. The sounds of the guitar, base and drums blend so effortlessly with the singer’s voice that its perfect. Yes, from reading this you can probably tell, I am a hopeless romantic!

The lyrics of this song basically describe the feelings that a man has for his significant other. The singer is pouring out his heart and soul and telling this person how she is his everything. Phrases like “Lo que mas quiero en este mundo, eso eres..” are so romantic and heartfelt. Yet even if listeners do not have a significant other, the music video for this song instantly takes you back. Back to the days when all of us had that little crush in junior high. I know you all know what I’m talking about!

For all of you that really don’t want to listen to love songs, here is a song that I find amusing. It’s called Ingrata. It too is catchy, just not really what I like to listen to. Enjoy!


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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