In today’s world, technology is making it more and more accessible for everyone to listen to music day or night and on them go, and this is all thanks to programs like iTunes and the internet with YouTube on tablets, phones, MP3 players and laptops. It is also thanks to technology that people like me who live about 120 miles away from Tijuana Baja California Mexico are able to follow bands like Valium Radio on the internet.

Valium Radio is a fairly new band from Tijuana Baja California, Mexico whose fan base in mostly in Tijuana. This Spanish band is composed of four band members that came together back in 2005 to form a band that’s genre would be defined in pop, rock and hardcore. Although, if you search for this band on iTunes you will not find them, you will find them on YouTube thanks to a popular cover song they did by Banda Los Recoditos called Ando bien pedo. This cover song has not only made people like me listen to a traditional banda Sinaloense songs, but has also made other people appreciate songs from other genres. The difference between the two song is the style and the instruments being used. Valium Radio is a pop-rock band that uses the drums, base and guitar instead of the traditional banda Sinaloense instruments.

Valium Radio may not be well-known by many here in the United States, but they have a large group of followers in Tijuana and some online. In addition, Valium Radio like many other bands and musical performers are paving the way with cover songs that are helping genres cross over to other genres.  For example, for some people a type of music style is not cool to hear especial if that type of music style is associated with something negative or a type of people.  Today more and more bands like Valium Radio are releasing cover songs from other genres in their own style of music, making the other bands’ music know and appreciated. It is because of this movement that I started listing to Banda Los Recoditos, Yes!! I listen to them.

Banda Los Recoditos is a Mexican band from Sinaloa, Mexico created by friends and family members of the famous band called Banda El Recodo by Cruz Lizárraga in 1989. Ever since then, the band has released 16 albums with the most famous album being released two years ago titles ¡Ando Bien Pedo!. This album hit number one in the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart thanks to their same titled single in 2010. ¡Ando Bien Pedo! has given this band the attention it deserved, but it is also thanks to bands like Valium Radio who perform this song in their own style that has made Banda Los Recoditos know in the world, this movement has also worked well for the bands doing the cover.


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