Spanish Rock music has been and still continues to be heard at most of the night clubs throughout California or other parts of the United States and Mexico or other countries. I remembered when I started playing music as a “DJ” known as a Disc Jockey for a local night club called “El Paraiso” located in Anaheim  and “La Mirage” located in Artesia off the 91 West freeway and “H2O” located in Long Beach back in the late 1990’s and early 2000. All of these three night clubs played Spanish Rock music. The club La Mirage main attraction was Spanish Rock music in the main dance room and the radio station “Super Estrella” known as 107.1 FM was broadcasting live similar to the Anaheim Night Club on Sunday’s “JC Fandango.”  When I was taking a break from playing music as DJ from the main dance room at club La Mirage, the radio station 107.1 FM played live a non- stop mix of Spanish Rock el Español. The very first song was the “Guitarra Blanca” from a group called “Los Enanitos Verdes” in English is the Little Green Dwarves. As soon as I heard that song, I know it was going to be hit all over the radio stations and clubs.  When you hear the song it makes you want to dance or just go out to a night club. The song “Guitarra Blanca” says “por favor dejenos bailar porque necesito un poco de diversion” meaning that please let us dance because we need a little bit of fun. That’s true about the song because when you hear it you feel like having fun such as hanging out with your friends at a night club where Spanish Rock en Español music is played.

The band group called Los Enanitos Verdes started in 1984 in Argentina. Their group had five members The band started in 1984, with Marciano Cantero (bass guitar, keyboards and vocals), Felipe Staiti (guitar) and Daniel Piccolo (drums), Sergio Embroni (guitar and vocals) and Tito Dávila (keyboard). They recorded many awesome albums. They performed and toured all over Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and U.S.A. especially in California in Orange County such at club “JC Fandango” and other venues. One album called ‘Carrousel’ which contained the song called “Guitarra Blanca” a white guitar was a “hit” of that album. Another great album was called “Tracción acústica” that got the music group a nomination of the Grammy’s for best “Latin Rock Album.” Another great “hit” song from Los Enanitos Verdes was “Por El Resto de Tus Dias” meaning for the rest of your days it was from their third album called Habitaciones extrañas (Strange Rooms).

Further Los Enanitos Verdes was a great music group similar to other Spanish Rock groups such as “La Ley,”  “Mikel Erenxtrum,” “Mana,” and others as well. This was when Spanish Rock was popular and still is today and will continue to be.


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Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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