I was talking with some friends and told them I had to go write a paper on our new president who happens to be the first Hispanic president, and my buddies were in shock and said “no way?! we have a new president and he’s Mexican?! What happened to the black guy?” yep, I know, I need some new friends. But I clarified it and said no, pendejos, the new president of the school I attend, Cal State Fullerton, then after we bashed on the “black guy” for a little I left and now im here writing these blog.

It’s nice to have some Hispanic power in high places, but other than that is Mildred Garcia in her new position to help us, the students, or in the presidency position for her self-worth, to collect a check and mark another check mark on her bucket list. Don’t get me wrong, I give her great respect, she has a great amount of experience from her previous president roles from working in New York at the Berkeley campus, Tempe, where a great number  of minorities attend to Dominguez Hills and now here with us, a Titan. So im sure she’s a great fit, we had 3 universities to judge her off of and apparently it was good enough to bring her into the Titan family and make her president of Cal State Fullerton.

What a great face for the Titan Community!!

Now that I’ve given her the “Props” for her accomplishments, as a Mexican, we got give the negative in with the positive, for example, tio Rudy gets out of the joint and the jife says, “Que Bueno, now lets see how long tell he goes back!” well, Presidente Garcia, lets see if your here to help us students or cause more misery, our tuition goes up and you sit there with a smile as you collect over three hundred thousand a year with free housing and a twelve thousand a year car allowance, wow, good for you, you’ve made it, a succesful hispanic story, not seen often, but while you’re in the position of power hopefully it’s used for good and you can make it a little easier on the rest of us students and drop the tuition cost, I don’t see it happening, but for me it doesn’t matter, because this is my last semester, yes yes I know, it’s not over till I pass Guarellano’s class. But for the future Titan prospects it would be nice, but hey who are we fooling, us minorities have financial aid to fall back on!!


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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