After reading a news article in the Daily Titan, I find out that the CSU Board of Trustees has voted to increase the pay for Mildred Garcia so that she will be the incoming President at CSUF. However, I believe that the decision to have the raise is unjustified due to the budget crisis that the state of California is currently in. In addition, CSU cannot justify its action of increasing Garcia’s salary by 10% more than her predecessor when it keeps raising tuition and proposes more budget cuts such as freezing teachers’ pay and reducing admission of incoming students. The compensation package that the Board of Trustees has approved will put the total salary for the new CSUF president Garcia to be $324,500. Then, on top of that, Garcia will be provided with both free housing and an additional $1,000 per month for vehicle allowance. All of these seem to me like a ridiculous amount of money for anyone whom is employed in the public sector to be paid. Subsequently, when I see in the Daily Titan this quote of a statement made by the trustee member Roberta Achtenberg where she said “I’m just sorry we can’t pay them more because of the policy we adopted,” I start thinking that the members of CSU Board of Trustee either have no idea that there is a recession going on or that they are just plain corrupted. If the main reason behind the pay raise were to attract more qualifying applicant who will make CSU better, then why would the Board of Trustee only do it for the executive facilitators and not thinks of ways to make the CSU education better for the students. One such way could be to offer higher salary in order to attract talented educators who could inspire students. In addition, while the CSU justifies Garcia’s salary increase due to higher cost of living, it should look at who need the extra money more, a person with a salary that is more than $300,000 and has free housing plus transportation or the students who while going to school full-time also have to work part-time in order to support themselves and pay their tuition.


Mildred Garcia has a background of being the president of Berkeley college from 2001 to 2007. Then, she went on to become the president of Cal State Dominguez Hills and finally, she was just named the new president at CSUF. According to The New York Times, while at Berkeley College, she expanded and added new programs. One of such is to offer online classes for BA and AA degrees. Mildred Garcia also holds a doctorate and master degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. I believe that she is more than qualified to be the president of CSUF and that she will probably do her best at trying to improve the school. However, the price we have to pay for her to be the president is not worth it. The action of paying a public sector worker more than a quarter of a million dollar per year for his or her work is crazy. Therefore, I’m pretty sure the pay raise is unnecessary to get Mildred Garcia to be CSUF’s new president.



About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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