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In addition to state legislators, students, and faculty I have to agree that UC and CSU presidents should not be getting a pay increase in this tough economy.  Yes, I consider this news to be a slap in the face when the majority of us are struggling to afford a higher education. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that if a person has worked hard especially if it’s in the area of education should deserve a reward. I also believe that at this point in time it is not appropriate that the CSU Board of Trustees approve an increase to the salary of new Fullerton President Mildred Garcia. According to Peter Cornett reporter of The Daily Titan, Garcia will not only get a salary at $324,500, but she will also benefit from financial services, such as, housing and $1,000 per month vehicle allowance. I do not want to sound in any way greedy, but come on does someone really deserves a salary of $324,500 to be a president of a university? Gov. Jerry Brown doesn’t think so, as a matter of fact he believes anyone is capable of being a president of a university, and I agree with him.

 I looked at a few articles and videos about Garcia and what I found was that she is a proud Latina, with a passion in education, whose family came from a low income background, and she also had to struggle her way through college. So why don’t the CSU Border of Trustees and everyone who approves Garcia’s pay increase understands that people with a passion on education cannot afford college because of these actions. This is a slap on the face; many of us are trying to pursue a career, maintain a job, and provide for our family in a time where the economy is not at its best others are getting royal benefits. Don’t agree with me?  let me give you a bit of my background I don’t get any help from my parents therefore I have to find ways on sustaining a place to live, provide financial support to my grandparents, and find way to afford college. I have two jobs during summer, one job during school sessions, and many side jobs throughout the year, such as, cleaning houses, painting faces at kids’ parties, photograph different events, factories, stores, and if the army could pay for my college tuition ill would have giving them four years of my life.  So why keep on having this busy life?  To obtain a higher education, something that many students are aiming for.  Today April 3, 2012 I attended the (ASI) Associated Students, Inc. productions: Open Mic, where many students had something to say about President Garcia’s salary increase. There, one of the candidants seeking to be the next student trustees, who might represent the students on campus assured that if President Garcia accepts the salary increase they will step behind the students and advocate that president Garcia will not be recognize as the California State University Fullerton president because at the same time our tuition is being increase and administrations salaries are also being increased. According to others, they are hopping that president Garcia would want to make a statement by using her salary increase to benefit the CSUF campus.

CSUF president Mildred Garcia

I hope that the outcome of this situation will benefit the students, faculty, and everyone involved in the goal to pursue a higher education. However, reality is that there is no guarantee that the California State University Fullerton president will donate any amount of money towards the benefit of the college. Unfortunately, there are not many people involve with different unions that are trying to stop the tuition increase because of different situations in their lives. Moreover, time keeps on passing and students are force to adjust to this high increases because they need their degree to be able to succeed in life.


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