As I wake up every day at six in the morning, I know I must leave thirty minutes later to beat traffic and find good parking in the Cal State Fullerton structures. A La chingada, if I pay two hundred and fifty dollars per semester to own a parking permit, shouldn’t I expect to find good parking at any given time. Que carreros! I hear that Cal State Fullerton has finally hired a President to make important decisions for the university, but then I hear what they are offering her just to perform her duties. Anyone would outraged to find out that she is going to be receiving a salary of three hundred twenty four thousand dollars and other benefits such as housing and transportation. Is this all necessary? Personally, if she’s already going to be receiving such a large salary, why the hell would she need these other benefits? Pay for your own dam gas as all of us students do who commute.

I really hope that this is not coming out of student’s pockets, but then again I would be ignorant to deny that it’s not when in reality it is. That explains our tuition increases throughout the past couple of years which has been unfortunate for all students. Not only are we paying more for classes but students have been restricted to the amount and selection of classes as there has been a drastic decrease. If you don’t register on your scheduled date of registration, good luck finding classes. As soon as you pass your date of registration, the next day classes are already filled and alternatives must be considered. Although a student may choose to waitlist, the odds are extremely low that they will be enrolled into the class.

We choose to deal with extreme changes that occur on campus because we care about our future. Students and professors have dealt with furloughs due to budget cuts, and tuition increases because we need the classes to graduate. Question is how much longer students will go until they realize enough is enough?

Some students may be angry and some may think it is an investment that will change the way things occur at Cal State Fullerton. Those who are angry look at all the negative aspects of the situation such as budget cuts or tuition and fee increases and want to retaliate against it. These are things that Garcia should take note and be willing to compromise with the students. As a Hispanic woman who grew up in a low socioeconomic status, you would think that she would have some considerations for students and faculty.

I’m tired of paying more every semester while dealing with other unfortunate factors. Let’s just hope that she will be able to make changes on our campus that she allegedly made at Cal State Northridge. Hopefully the image that students hold of her(Cruella de vill) will be able to change as she proves her ability to perform positively.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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