The death of Martin Angel Hernandez is one day shy of having its first month anniversary and the community still feels the lost of Hernandez from March 6th 2012. Hernandez was shot and died after police responding to a call that was made on that Tuesday night about men in alley and that a firearm was seen. Local printed media had covered the incident when it first happened on March 6th. Some of the sources include the L.A Times, Orange County Register and the OC Weekly. Initially, the most recent article about the case of Martin Hernandez that I was able to find was published by the OC Weekly on March 21, but I came across the an article that was published on the OC Register website on March 20th and updated on the 27th.

Originally, I just wanted to see for myself if the community was still had the alter they made for Hernandez in the alley from the photos published by the Register. I wanted to see if there was graffiti still on the walls or not expressing love for their friend or even perhaps hate for what had happened.  Also I was intrigued by the case when it first happened and read the opinions of readers of articles. There were basically two types of people leaving comments; people with empathy for the family of Hernandez and those who didn’t. If you’re not familiar of the location in Anaheim where the incident happen it’s adjacent to Ponderosa Park in one of the alleys (Westlake and Haster).

Martin Hernandez







Arriving to the site there were about 7 young men and a baby in a stroller near the memorial. I drove past the memorial and parked my vehicle. I approached the group of guys and asked if this was the memorial of Martin Hernandez. They said “yeah it is”. Looking at me oddly, I explained that I was a student at CSUF that was basically doing a follow-up to the story that I’ve read in numerous media outlets. I asked if they knew Hernandez and they said they did and I wanted to ask them a few questions as to see what they knew about the incident. I met Juan who does some volunteer work at the Ponderosa Community Center and him and I talked the most. He had told me that he there are two sides of the story and that there’s a lot of bullshit about what people think about how the whole thing happened. He told me of an upcoming event that would be happening that he is coordinating with the Ponderosa Park Family Resource Center that is called the Healing Process to provide relief for friends and family that are still struggling with the incident on May 20th.




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  1. i guess this whas really badd

  2. i seriosly think that martin should had never gotten killed did they think about his son

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