Mr. Perfect in drag? My first thought after researching Dr. Mildred Garcia, our new “Brooklyn” president (Rocky Balboa voice) . She will begin her new rein as President at Cal State Fullerton  on June 1st of this  year. She is painted by different media outlets as the epitome of the American Dream. Her parents are from Puerto Rico, her father died when she was a young, she found success through education, she made a butt load of cash throughout her life and BOOM.  She lived happily ever after. HOLY CRAP! She just copied the synopsis from the film ROCKY! Except the whole best friend getting killed, a drunk uncle, and a significant partner dying, but not to get off subject, let’s get back to that one point. She is filthy rich…..Well, to my college student standards anyway.

Dr. Garcia will make over $300,000 a year at her new position. Now, I am not a hater. But with the CSU system already facing budget cuts and even drastically cutting student enrollment. It seems odd that someone who wants to fix the system, abuses it,…. a second after stepping into the mess. Dr. Mildred Garcia accepted a pay increase in salary that put her $25,000 over the last Cal State Fullerton president. Her target pay is $324,000.   It would be like a cleaning lady, (probably one of my many tias) going  into your house to clean, then shitting all over your bed. Thanks for the help lady.

There has been speculation that the CSU system will most definitely will cancel spring admissions in 2013 to try to manage budget cuts. We are talking trying to lower enrollment by 16,000 students. In other words, excuse my language, we are fucked. “Yo’ Mildred we did it!……… we did it!”.

We are talking 16,000 students


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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