A new President has been appointed to CSUF, Mildred Garcia, president of Cal State Dominguez Hills, will take over President Gordon in June 2012. Garcia has a B.S. in business education from Bernard M. Baruch College, an M.A. in business and higher education from New York University, an M.A. in higher education from Columbia University-Teachers College, and an Ed.D. from Columbia University-Teachers College. Garcia comes with  10 years of experience as a solid leader in a university , at CSU Dominguez Hills, Berkeley College, Arizona State University, Montclair State University and Hosta Community College. Mildred Garcia hopes to make school even better for students as well as faculty. She will focus on  working hard to make sure CSUF students are graduating and to help them attain jobs after CSUF.Garcia’s start salary will be over 300k with housing expensives cover. There has been alot of debate with her salary, is this fair with all the budget cuts and economy situations. Students are struggling to pay for tuition fees as is and with all the increases is Garcia salary fair? I believe Garcia has the potential and diversity to achieve alot for us students. The salary might be a bit much but she has worked very hard to be where she is at. Garcia’s parent were immigrants from  Puerto Rico who migrated here for a better life. Garcia’s father died when she was only twelve she had to struggle and over came poverty and racism.As a Chicana Woman it makes me proud and encourages me to do better if she did it why cant we. I feel she will understand and have a feel for what us as minorites students have to struggle because she went through it herself. Coming from her background and roots education was not handed to her in a silver platter. So lets welcome our new PRESIDENTA, lets feel proud as chicanos, more power to us Latinos and WOMEN. If she did it so can we “y al que no le paresca QUE si CHINGE”      


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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