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@ the Academic Senate Meeting on Jan. 26, 2012. PHOTO-OC Register


As school tuition continues to skyrocket year after year, the only thing our NEW CSU Fullerton president Dr. Mildred García has to say is that we need to make our voices heard by writing letters to legislators, and that should solve the problem? Wrong!!!  She is quoted in an article written by Inside CSUF in January by saying “together, we need to get the message out” and “we must save the CSU,” but yet she has not said anything concrete on her stance on tuition increases. But one thing that has been in everyone’s mind is her NEW salary especially when she will be making $324,500 each year plus other benefits like housing and car allowance ($12,000, now that is a nice car lease!!!, but can’t she afford a nice car with her new salary?). A salary that some committee members of the Committee on University and Faculty Personnel state is not enough, comparing her new salary to her other peers at other universities, a salary so high that it might make the president of the United States jealous. Note that she is only getting a $29,500 raise.

But who is Dr. Mildred García?

Dr. Mildred García comes from CSU Dominguez Hills where she served as president since 2007.  She has also served in numerous other organizations, boards, commissions and as President of Berkeley College (2001-2007). In an article recently published by CSUF News it was stated that last year, President Obama appointed her as a member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence of Hispanic Americans, but I was not able to confirm this statement after visiting the White House and U.S. Department of Education’s websites, although I was able to find a picture and article that supports this from the CSU website.

Dr. Mildred García “es un orgullo Hispano,” and for this reason she needs to think of all the other students that are trying to access a higher education, tuition is expensive, even if we are getting loans and assistance. I am not stating that she does not deserve her salary, but in times like these, the committee members who voted yes on her salary increase and her should be thinking about how to save money and the financial problems the CSU are in.

Dr. Mildred García was born in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents from Puerto Rico. She was the first generation to attend college and has gone on to receive a MA in business and higher education from New York University and her MA and Ed.D. from Columbia University-Teachers College in higher education. It is not easy to earn a BA let alone get two MAs and a Ed. D., so she has worked hard in life, but the $324,500 plus other benefits are just outrages when the CSUs are planning on freezing enrollment for the Spring 2013 semester.

The mission of the CSU system is to “provide opportunities for individuals to develop intellectually, personally, and professionally,” but with the freezing of enrollment, this statement and other statements stated in the mission statement are not accurate.

Well, welcome Dr. Mildred García to CSU Fullerton.  After this semester I hope to be done.

With tuition costs increasing each year, I think I will wait on continuing my education.


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