There is no doubt that the new president of Cal State University Fullerton has caused up a stir on campus. Many students and faculty members have mixed feelings and appear to be both happy and upset to have a new that’s going president running the university. It seems that the main concerns about our new president is not whether she is not qualified to fill the position that president Gordon left, but rather the salary that Dr. Mildred Garcia is going to be earning for the same position. Many students including my self feel that it was unnecessary for Dr. Mildred Garcia to receive an increase in pay as a motivator to become the next president of Cal State Fullerton. There should not be a need to be increasing the salaries of administrators when the school is facing financial troubles, and tuition fees continue to increase every year. If professors have not received a raise in several years and their is going to be a enrollment freeze in the CSU system there is no need to increasing the salaries of the people who often times are the furthest distant from the students. Not just increase the salaries but also give her a housing and car allowance to take the position of presidency. Dr Garcia was a previous president at Cal State Dominguez Hills and it is not a difficult commute, many professors and students have a farther commute to our university. Dr Garcia should not need a housing and commute salary in order to be the president of Fullerton University. The increase on the salary is something Dr. Garcia has control over so we should not base our opinions of how she is going to run Cal State Fullerton. So we should not judge her potential leadership based in the decisions that was made by the CSU board of trustees. Sine it is clear that Dr Garcia is well qualified to fill the position of president of Cal State Fullerton due to her extensive education from a B.S. in business education from Bernard M. Baruch College, M.A. in business and higher education from New York University, M.A. in higher education from Columbia University-Teachers College, and a Ed.D from Columbia University-Teachers College. She also has an extensive academic experience making her well qualified with experience as a president of Cal State Dominguez Hills. All that students Of Cal Sate Fullerton students could do is wish for the best and hope that soon to be President Garcia will do the best to try and improve the situation at Cal State Fullerton.



About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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