Thursday night at the Fullerton Public Library was a BLAST!! For those who are living under a rock, it was Gustavo Arellano’s Taco USA book signing slash stand up comedy. Arellano had the County of Orange laughing while sharing with us  his new book. After the Frenzy, it was time to get to work!! Although it was a requirement for class, it felt fully voluntarily and fun to question at least three people who attended the book signing party, so fun I talked to six, not to mention, being that it was a full house, made it easy to trap people into answering my questions. The questions were why did you come to the event, how did you hear of the event, what did you think of the event, is this your first book signing and fifth, What is your favorite mexican food? Out of the six individuals, four had the same answer for the first two questions, first, they came to the event because their teacher instructed them to do so, and the second answer was that their teacher, Mr Padilla from Fullerton College told them about the event. The fifth individual was a sister of one of Padilla’s students so she heard of the event and was their because of her sister. All six stated that the event was a blast and that they were going to buy the book!! For five individuals, it was their first book signing and for the sixth individual, an older fella, said he has been to a few, that his wife had written a couple of books and belonged to the American Book Seller Association. That same individual said he came to the event because he was simply interested, that he heard of the event on KPCC, a local radio station where he’s listened to Arellano speak, and wanted to see him in person.Campechana, a cocktail of various sea creatures was his favorite Mexican dish. As for the other five, it was the occasional, tacos, enchiladas, chilli rellanos and posole that made the favorite list.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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