As a long time fan of Professor Gustavo Arellano Ask a Mexican column, I was really excited to attend his book signing last Thursday at the Fullerton Public Library. The event turned out even better than I had expected. There was such a good mix of people, young and old, Latinos and Non-Latinos, and of course the different generations of people who are lucky enough to be of Mexican descent. The night got off to a good start as Professor Arellano gave an overview of his book, talked about his experiences in each city, and took questions from the crowd. Perhaps the most touching moment was when Professor Arellano invited his family up and told the crowd about each of their specialty dishes, including his own: quesadillas! Below are some of the gracious attendees’ comments about the event. Enjoy!



Why did you come here?

Jeanette Georgieff: I live up the street from the library. I also know Gustavo and my husband is on the Fullerton Library Board.

Sandy Steiassni: Gustavo is a long time friend. I also love books and Gustavo is such a good speaker.

Danny Torres: I am a long time Gustavo Arellano enthusiast.

How did you hear about this event?

Jeanette: I heard about the event through my husband.

Sandy:  I heard about it through the Fullerton Library and some friends reminded me as well.

Danny: I heard about it on KPFK, and I also knew about it through Facebook.


What did you think of the event?

Jeanette: It was really neat. There were a lot of people.

Sandy: It was a good event. You can really tell Gustavo is excited about his work and he always conveys enthusiasm.

Danny: I liked it. Usually when he speaks there is a lot of heavy political material and this was much lighter fare. Gustavo is also always humorous and finds commonality among people.

Is this your first book signing?

Jeanette: No, I have attended about five book signings total.

Sandy: It was not my first and not my last either. I have all of Gustavo’s books signed by him, which are dedicated to my son.

Danny: I have gone to book signings many times. I learn from them.


What is your favorite Mexican dish?

Jeanette: Does guacamole count? I don’t know, I’m Danish (laughs) I do like cheese enchiladas and my husband’s tacos.

Sandy: There’s a restaurant in Santa Ana, Mi Abuelita’s Cocina that makes amazing veggie burritos. It is a home recipe. (He’s not a vegetarian but he likes really fresh, mild, and distinct flavors, such as spinach puree the restaurant uses.)

Danny: Chile Verde from El Camino Real Restaurant in Fullerton.


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