I’ve never been to a book signing, but on April 12th I was able to go see my own teacher talk about his book and do a little “Q” and “A” with the public and see hear their feedback about his newly released book titled “Taco USA” an overview how Mexican food became so integrated with typical American cuisine.  I was very astonished on the very large turn out that came out to see him given that most information about books such as reviews and summaries can be usually found online.  When I first entered the conference room at the Fullerton Public Library I immediately caught the upbeat vibe from the crowd.  The crowd seemed genuinely interested and focused on what Mr. Arellano had to say and tid bit’s of pieces he would read out of his book such as the connection between a small Taco shop in San Bernardino and the enormous success of fast food giant Taco Bell or the small connection Orange County had with the Doritos snack food.  I did not keep track of how long Mr. Arellano spoke about his book, but when I began to notice him wrapping up talking about his book I began to eye who I would hopefully interview about their experience at the book signing event.  One gentleman stood out because he seemed to be gripping his newly bought Taco USA book and seemed to be in a delightful mood.  When I began my short interview of this gentleman named “Dana”, I simply asked him why did you come here today?  His response was quick, he told me he wanted to shake the hand of the person who a particular story about the “KKK” in Orange County.  Through later research, I did find an article published by Mr. Arellano titled “Profile in OC Pioneers who were Klan members” which was published back in July of 2011.  So I immediately understood that this gentleman was a follower of Mr. Arellano’s work.  I continued my interview by asking him of how he knew of this event.  He could not remember of how he became aware of this event.  My third question of how he felt about this event was simply that he felt “Jazzed”  and glad to be there.  My fourth question was if this was his first book signing and he responded that it wasn’t but he couldn’t tell me which other one he had attended. I concluded my interview with asking him, what is your favorite Mexican dish?  He quickly responded by telling me of this restaurant in Santa Ana that has some of the best menudo that has ever tasted.  Following right after this gentleman I was able to catch another older gentleman by the name of “Sandy” and asked him the same questions.  The first one was why he was here.  He simply told me that he knew Gustavo and was here to support him and his new book.  Second question was how he knew of this event and he told me he found about it through blogs and the City of Fullerton’s website.  Third question was what did you think of this event, he simply stated “terrific”.   Fourth question was if this was his first book signing and he told me that he’s been to another book signing by Mr. Arellano.  My final question was what was his favorite Mexican dish and he didn’t name a particular dish he liked but told me of a restaurant that he likes that’s located in south-east Santa Ana.  I was only able to interview two people, but simply viewing the facial expressions of the people.  Seems like many people left satisfied and happy with the book signing. 


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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