Weeks ago I walked by the CSUF library and picked up a paper with the front page showing a new Fullerton president appointed Mrs. Mildred Garcia. She is the first Latina president in the CSU system, I was surprised to see it was a female and she was a minority. So I went online to see a short clip about her inauguration. She seemed like a very smart and well-spoken lady. She spoke of being a first generation college student, She spoke of her experience in Brooklyn and working at a factory at age 14 after her parents migrated from Puerto Rico. She studied business education and worked her way to the top.  She has 10 years’ experience as president and had previously come from a president chief position at Dominguez hills, so she has experience. While she served her tenure at Dominguez she helped launched the community outreach program to boost the number of Latinos and other minorities. The CSU trustees like her because she helped steer 14,300 students through several years of state budget cuts while granted enrollment expanded. She will begin her position on June 1st   as Fullerton new chief. Some are criticizing her because she will receive 324k plus housing and 12,000 per year car allowance. That is 10% more than the previous Cal state Fullerton president had received.

I think this is not right since our tuition has increased so much and all these budget cuts have happened. But at the end this is all a business in this money game and she knows it very well having received a degree in business education. I do not know how the future of Cal State Fullerton will go but I hope the students and teachers continue to protest from trustees to keep increasing fees and decreasing services to us students.


About ocbarrios

Professor for Cal State Fullerton's Barrio Studies class for Fall 2011 semester

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